Migration - The Biology of Life on the Move

Hugh Dingle,,

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AUTEUR Hugh Dingle,,
ISBN 9780199640393

Migration - The Biology of Life on the Move...

Migration: The Biology of Life on the Move focuses on migration as a behavioural phenomenon with important ecological consequences for organisms as diverse as aphids, butterflies, birds and whales. It is suitable for senior undergraduate and graduate level students taking courses in behaviour, spatial ecology, 'movement ecology', and downtownkingsportplan.com Range: £ - £ Get this from a library! Migration: the biology of life on the move. [Hugh Dingle] -- Migration is one of the most fascinating and dramatic of all behaviors. Historically, however, the study of migration has been fragmented, with ornithologists, entomologists, and marine biologists. Migration is a dramatic behaviour distinct from other movements. It is an important component of life histories of biodiverse organisms including terrestrial and marine vertebrates, insects, many invertebrates, and the propagules of some plants. This sequel discusses migration across a wide range of groups and species drawing comparisons to illuminate migratory life cycles and their evolution.