Molecular Mechanisms in Spermatogenesis

C. Yan Cheng,,

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AUTEUR C. Yan Cheng,,
ISBN 9780387799902

Molecular Mechanisms in Spermatogenesis...

Is toxicant-induced Sertoli cell injury in vitro a useful model to study molecular mechanisms in spermatogenesis? Nan Li, Dolores D. Mruk, Will M. Lee, Chris . Mammalian spermatogenesis shows a strict control of many specific molecular and cellular events. This control involves Sertoli cell–germ cell interaction, as well as a programmed performance of changes in chromatin structure and gene expression in the developing germ by: Sertoli cells play a central role in spermatogenesis. They maintain the blood-testis barrier, an essential feature of seminiferous tubules which creates the proper environment for the occurrence of the spermatogenesis. However, this confinement renders germ cells almost exclusively dependent on Sertoli cells' nursing function and by: